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Adjustment Disorder

When facing a stressful event, like a divorce or relationship break-up, being a victim of a crime, the loss of a loved one, a new job, it is normal to feel a little off balance. If you find yourself still feeling down after a couple of months, and unable to finds ways to cope, you may have developed an adjustment disorder. Sometimes called situational depression or stress response syndrome. The symptoms of an adjustment disorder are common to depression, such as worry, tearfulness, sadness, feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, anxiety, fatigue or insomnia. Adjustment Disorders are very common and can affect anyone when confronted with a stressful situation. An adjustment disorder is generally temporary, rarely lasts longer than six months, and typically goes away once the individual is able to find ways to cope with the situation. Consequently, treatment from a mental health professional for adjustment disorders is only needed for a short period of time.

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